Some defining moments in life happen in a split second. A head to head towards the finish line, a perfectly kicked ball that goes into the net, but also an instinctive decision taken at an important moment in life. Zenith is alongside those who constantly evolve to make their dreams come true with an equally fast chronograph: the new Chronomaster Sport collection, capable of measuring time intervals with an accuracy of 1 / 10th of a second.

The new Chronomaster Sport collection marks the beginning of a new era for the quintessential sport-chic Zenith chronograph. Once again, the Chronomaster Sport pushes the boundaries of high-frequency precision and is the ultimate expression of the unrivaled heritage of automatic chronographs that combines the spirit of the El Primero A386 caliber, the shape of the De Luca Chronomaster and high-frequency performance. provided by the El Primero caliber for over 50 years, in a sports chronograph that is unique in its style and function. Constantly moved by the desire to represent the future of watchmaking, the Maison Zenith has drawn on the experience of the El Primero caliber, greatly increasing its performance, a characteristic that can be perceived by the user himself. The new El Primero caliber 3600 offers even more performance and accuracy than its predecessor: the time display with a reading accuracy of 1 / 10th of a second is directly imprinted on the black ceramic bezel - a unique feature of this watch.

A worthy descendant of the full-fledged Chronomaster collection, this emblematic line of chronographs reveals its exclusive heritage through a more refined dial, an integrated steel bracelet with optimized comfort, finishes emphasized to the maximum, an even more accurate research of proportions and a reading to a tenth of a second extremely accurate. Featuring an elegant and sturdy 41 mm diameter steel case with pump pushers, the new Chronomaster Sport differs from its predecessors by its glossy black ceramic bezel. Graduated over 10 seconds, its bold contrast offers exceptional legibility at the edge of the dial.

The Chronomaster Sport is available in two references. Regardless of the color of the dial - black or white - they both feature the distinctive El Primero chronograph counters in three colors - blue, anthracite and light gray - just like the 386 A1969 model. Each counter is graduated to 60 for intuitive and instant reading. of the chronograph. The Chronomaster Sport is available with an integrated steel bracelet similar to those designed by Gay Frères, the former creator of many metal bracelets for Zenith, which is well suited to the modern and timeless aesthetic of this exceptional chronograph. In addition, the option with a textured rubber strap with a “Cordura” effect with a steel folding clasp is also available.

Always in search of new heights of excellence, today the Chronomaster Sport line is equipped with a new version of the most renowned movement of the Manufacture, namely the El Primero 3600 caliber. Thanks to the experience gained in fifty years with the production of the El Primero movement. and high-frequency chronographs in general, Zenith is able to offer a time indication with a reading accuracy of 1 / 10th of a second via the 5 Hz escapement (36.000 A / hour), as well as a power reserve extended to 60 hours. Visible through the sapphire crystal caseback, the new structure is strikingly clear and reveals a blue column wheel and open rotor featuring Zenith's five-pointed star. The Chronomaster Sport confirms itself as an essential sports companion in all those moments of life in which even a fraction of a second requires high-level performance. Price 9.900 EURO with steel bracelet and 9.400 Euro with fabric strap.