Fans of high-end watches are increasingly looking for unique products, an object that tries to reflect, in the best possible way, its personality. Some brands offer bespoke watches, but companies specializing in watch customization services are a path to exclusivity and customization.

There are few of these societies, but, surely, Artisans de Genève is the most important of these. An independent laboratory does not produce or sell watches but is commissioned by customers to transform their timepieces. Countless challenges have been entrusted to the Genevan company, the last in chronological order, is the reinterpretation of an absolute icon, a Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711.

The Patek Philippe Nautilus needs few introductions. The version of Patek of the luxury sports watch was introduced in 1976 with the reference 3700. The reference that has just come out of production, the 5711 was launched in 2006.

The idea here was not to transform some components, but to create a unique skeletonized version of the 5711. This customization work involved recreating the external components of a watch and even movement, which was completely transformed.

The case was equipped with a forged carbon bezel, a signature of Artisans de Genève and the caseback now has specific engravings. To reveal the movement, the dial was entirely skeletonized and beveled by hand. It is satin with a matte finish. Rose gold markers enhance the subtle contrast of color. New hands have been specially designed for this project to ensure optimal correspondence with movement. These are carved, beaded and satin by hand.

But it is precisely in the movement that the most substantial work has been carried out. Skeletal the caliber PP 26-330 it took much more than disassembling it, cutting out the metal and repainting some parts.Artisans de Genève states that it took three years to realize this project. Each piece is hand decorated with first-order finishes. This can be appreciated, for example, on the bridge of the perforated barbell with its glossy mirror finish. The overall anthracite treatment gives the movement a decidedly modern look. Finally, the gold rotor is perforated and hand-beeled.

Overall, this customization process gives the watch a decidedly modern and technical look. Of course, many fans of Patek Philippe they will think this is inappropriate and that the Nautilus is perfect as it is and does not need touch-ups. But the way this customization was performed to realize the desire of a private collector is really impressive!