For race car drivers, nothing matters more than time.Constant co-pilot, punctuates the rhythm of every race, every step, every moment. And there's no other object that simboles a driver's relationship with time more than his watch.The double world champion of Formula 1 Mika Häkkinenvisited the team of Artisans de Genève in search of a customization that was able to reflect his philosophy of life: to keep moving forward, no matter what the obstacle is. TheMika Häkkinen Challenge is the perfect blend of formula 1's classic watchmaking and high-speed world codes.

Looking for a truly dynamic design for its customization, Mika Häkkinen he chose orange and blue shades to remember the tracks on which he triumphed. The titanium dial is entirely perforated – a new design developed exclusively for the sample – and elegant black and blue counters complete the look. The hour and minute hands are sandblasted in the center and polished on the outside, and the second hand, finally, really gets noticed with its hand-painted orange arrow.
The Mika Häkkinen Challenge based on Rolex® 116520 with lbar in grade 5 titanium, with surface treated in anthracite color with patented technology. Skeletonized and sandblasted dial, always with anthracite treatment, but with blue and orange color scheme.Minute and hour hands sandblasted in the center and polished outside.Movimento a carica manuale sabbiato, smussato, finitura nichel-palladio con riserva di carica di 72 ore. Fondello ultrapiatto in titanio con vetro zaffiro e contatori Millerighe.

The bezel has a patented titanium finish that those of Artisans de Genève have developed exclusively, a detail capable of giving contrast and lightness to the timepiece. It features the engravings "Tachymeter" painted in orange and "Titanium G5" painted instead in blue. The dial has been equipped with a new cutout with a symmetrical yield, reminiscent of car racing. It was sandblasted, then finished with an anthracite coating. The hour and minute hands are sandblasted in the center and polished outside. Finally, an orange border was added to the center of the crown, giving the customization a sporty touch.


"The culmination of everything I would have wished."

Mika Häkkinen Racecardriver


"Time can be your ally or your worst enemy. My whole career was about being on time. When a race starts, winning, doing the best time, is the only goal. Technicality played a key role in the project, largely through the skeletonized movement of the clock. When I met Artisans of Genève, I was immediately impressed by their passion and their pursuit of perfection. Owning a custom watch is a real privilege and, this project was the culmination of everything I had wanted."

The .4130 caliber of Mika's watch was skeletonized in homage to a Formula 1 engine: a design that required extreme precision and exceptional performance. Each piece was cut out, sandblasted and angled hand. Each element evokes the spirit of a race car.

Mika Häkkinen wanted to combine this bold design with manual charging, a trademark of vintage watches. So once the automatic caliber is removed, it has been replaced with manual movement that can provide a power reserve of 72 hours. The original caseback has been replaced by a titanium one with sapphire glass, which allows you to see the skeletonized caliber by turning the watch.


Finally, Mika Häkkinen wanted a second "bracelet." One was designed exclusively for him in alligator leather, embellished with orange seams. Combined with a folding steel closure, always expertly developed by the skilled hands of the Artisans de Genève.