"A sailor's first storm is a nightmare thing that scares his heart and soul, but once it passes it shows how sweet life is."
Paul Watson 

Legend has it that after looking into the eyes of a dying whale, Paul Watson he has made a lifelong vow to defend all creatures of the sea. Since 1977, in each of his expeditions for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society,NGO founded by him, crosses the oceans to fulfill his promise and protect the marine ecosystems of the world.
Artisans de Genève was deeply honored when the Captain has chosen them for its customization, allowing them to contribute to this noble cause as well. This is the reason why Artisans de Genève pushed its technological limits by developing their first watchmaking complication: A moon phase module added to Rolex® Submariner® Date of the Captain .
Paul Watson he has spent most of his life at sea and, like all seafarers, has learned to trust the elements; to find his way using the night sky and to predict the tides by looking at the Moon. Over the years, he has forged a special relationship with the stars and this was the starting point of the project. Artisans de Genève created a watchmaking complication to accomplish this by adding a lunar cycle module to an aventurine dial opening.
The steel bezel is embellished with a hand-carved Aventurine insert. The dial is modified to include an aventurine window capable of recalling the night sky. It houses an enameled disc Grand Feu hand made revealing two moons, hand engraved. Finally, the white gold rotor has an Aventurine insert, which evokes the magic of starry nights.

“When I was just a kid, years before I went to sea, every day was filled with youthful joy. Everything was lovely and carefree. I measured the time from the moon and the sun and the distance from the stars ... 

Salvation came to me one day reflected in the Leviathan's eyes. I have seen her truth, I have felt her pain and my life has been rearranged. I was reborn that dark day when my plan was killed, that day when I lost my course, that day when everything changed forever. In the sea lives a larger brain, an intelligence in the abyss of our mind. Throughout your life you feel joy and pain, a pain that we cannot ignore. Everything that dwells on this blue and white sphere are interdependent, it is our extinction which I fear if we do not respect our mother. With love, with hope we must venture towards our uncertain but shared future. We are so small under distant stars, yet we are so strong when we are together. "
Captain Paul Watson
Inspired by the sea and the stars, the personalized watch by Paul Watson it is immersed in the intense blue of the night sky, illuminated by the light of the stars of the aventurine dial and its insert, also in aventurine, of the bezel. The sides of the case are engraved, the contours are satin-finished and the interior is sandblasted. The corners are hand polished with a mirror finish. The movement is angled, circular grain and hand polished. The dial features a lunar cycle made with enamel Grand Feu, a tribute to an ancient savoir-faire, and it is also entirely handmade.