“Blue is my favorite color because it conveys refinement and excellence, values ​​to which I commit myself on a daily basis. When I approached Artisans de Genève to define and create my ideal blue, I thought it was an impossible task. However, at every stage of our search for the perfect blue, we have managed to transform every single element of the watch, to create pure poetry ”.
Mr. BS

Color is a complex art form. At the same time passionate and subtle, this pursuit of perfection was founded on savoir-faire that is deeply rooted in the DNA of the craftsmen. Artisans de Genève. Hundreds of hours spent experimenting, assembling pigments, associating them with different materials and mixing different colors. All with the aim of creating a completely unique personalization. Their client wanted to give their watch a vintage look, focusing on a single shade: blue. In collaboration with him, they searched for the perfect color and all its shades. A meticulous work embodied by The Shades of Blue Challenge.


The client's request wanted an intense and deep blue. To find the perfect one, they first sought out the rarest artisans in the world, who specialize in everything from silk to ceramics, to find out how they use color. Subsequently, they spent many hours of work, discussions, triumphs and failures to locate the desired color. This special blue is the cornerstone of this personalization, and we have also applied it to the matte dial like the Bakelite bezel, a nod to vintage watches, colored in the shade created with the client, which is a deep blue.

The dial reveals a matte color with light blue counters, specially conceived and developed by the craftsmen. They enhance the overall intensity of the watch and elegantly contrast with the steel hands. The 21-karat gold mass is also blued, an ancestral technique that gives it a unique color.

“In watchmaking, blue is an exceptional color. It evokes an air of sophistication and infuses elegance into each timepiece. We from Artisans de Genève we are particularly passionate about this project which was initially thought to be unachievable. It was exciting to look for the perfect shade with the client and to work with different pigments and materials, combining them until reaching a result as close as possible to what the client himself had in mind: a blue monochrome, or rather a harmony of blue, in a vintage casing. "

Gil. Artisan

The transparent sapphire crystal caseback allows you to fully appreciate the movement and the rotor. The upper deck and the balance bridge are hand-beveled and embellished with "Côtes de Genève”And circular satin finishes. The case has been worked and polished by hand, the original buttons have been replaced by "Striped”, Completing the vintage atmosphere.

At the customer's request, the alligator leather strap completes The Shades of Blue, a melody that perfects its vintage look. It has a specially developed and engraved folding clasp.


Dark Blue, Bahamas Blue, Soft Blue, the artisans have developed countless colors to carry out our customers' projects. You can now choose from a unique range of colors to create your own hue.