The link between Roger Federer and Rolex is no mystery. The now legendary Swiss tennis player has been one of the few ambassadors of the Geneva house for many years and we have often seen him wearing iconic Rolex watches, also thanks to his contribution.

A true Gentleman on and off the court, Roger Federer is an example of dedication, determination and perseverance. All qualities that have led him to be one of the longest-lived and greatest professional sportsmen ever. A few hours before the start of the Wimbledon Tournament, during the meeting with the press, Roger Federer who declared that he felt "Energized as a spring" to try to win Wilbledon for the ninth time and his 21st slam, wore a Rolex Oyster Perpetual 124300 yellow dial.

It is one of the most sought-after watches by Rolex enthusiasts, following last year's presentation of the new colored Oyster Perpetuals, which refer to the typical “Stella” dials mounted on Day-Dates in the past.

The success of this model, compared to the "Stella" Day Dates which have only been re-evaluated by collectors for a few years, is due to the winning combination of such lively, fresh dials with the entry level models from the Rolex house.

The new Oyster Perpetuals, in addition to having passed from the previous 40mm to the 41mm, have been equipped with the new caliber 3230. Automatic movement with Chronergy escapement which, thanks to a better relationship between the escape wheel and levers of the anchor as well as a barrel with greater capacity, manages to guarantee aPower reserve of approximately 70 hours. Accuracy has also been improved, with a daily rate difference of between -2/+2 seconds per day.

Also given the chromatic link with the ground and the colors of Wimbledon, I would have expected a green dial Oyster Perpetual, but Roger with his spontaneity and that elegance of other times, will probably be able to make this model even more desired - now impossible to buy at the Rolex dealers, barring endless waiting – and who knows who won't have another story, another success, to tell….

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