Although a few months have passed since the presentation of the Patek Philippe Ref. 5711 / 1A-014 "green dial", distributed in small quantities by retailers only to the "best customers", we report the record sale by Antiquorum of an example still wrapped for an amount equal to 320 Euros (excluding taxes).

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the “Nautilus”, Patek Philippe launched the reference 5711 in 2006, featuring a slightly larger case design. By adding a millimeter to the case over the original reference 3700 and launched with a classic blue dial, it has changed with a three-part case also slightly thicker (from 7,6mm on the 3700 to 8,3mm on the 5711 ) and equipped with the caliber 324. In 2012 the manufacture added a new dial color, this time with a white dial.

During this year's Watches and Wonders, to the amazement of the collectors' market, Mr. Thierry Stern, CEO of Patek Philippe, announced that reference 5711 would be discontinued in 2021 and that a model with a green dial and border around the date window would be launched. Two models have been launched, including a steel version with a bezel embellished with baguette-cut diamonds, known as Ref. 5711 / 1300A.

This announcement created amazement among collectors and created an exponential increase in demand to try and purchase the model by the 2021 deadline. While the green one is not a historically iconic dial for the Nautilus, these factors have made it the most sought-after watch. of the moment for Patek Philippe enthusiasts and… for speculators.

Before this model went under the hammer of Antiquorum, I met collectors willing to pay for it around 180 euros compared to an official list price of 000 euros. But the price beaten by the auction house based in Geneva went much further, a sign that certainly there is great speculation in the market, as we and many others say, but it is a further signal aimed at indicating that those who have capital to invest he also prefers to immobilize them in watches, as the value of money decreases every day.

Let's forget the technical field, the fine mechanics, the masterfully executed finishes, which we can find in a Patek Philippe 5711. Currently, other factors count on the market: prestige of the brand and quantity / availability in the face of demand.

Can it be bad? Partly. All this "Hype" is making the watch market certainly not very accessible to most fans, but at the same time it keeps the interest alive in a much wider audience that perhaps approaches these objects for the first time and then falls in love with them. ...