An ode to memories ...

“For me the Lake Maggiore it's my childhood. This is where I spent all my family holidays, where my father passed on his love for sailing to me and where I understood the beauty and majesty of nature for the first time. I immediately understood that I wanted to recreate my memories of this place: a sense of nostalgia which, for me, means the warm colors that cover the region during autumn. This was the gentle elegance I was looking for in a watch. "

Like any project with which customers generally contact the artisans of Artisans de Genève, this too was a journey, which transported us to the magnificent Lake Maggiore in Italy. And the expert watchmakers immediately resonated with the idea of ​​turning his memories into a tangible object, making the moments precious to him eternal. Trying to bring all this to life with a very special customization.

For this customization, the customer wanted to use autumn colors and specific materials - a sturdy stone gray, the color of the trees and lemon groves, the reflection of the water - to evoke his childhood memories.

circular grain ceramic bezel is was specially conceived for this project. Specific treatments have been applied to obtain this texture, the anthracite gray color corresponds to the tones of movement.
The dial, made in sapphire crystal, lets fully appreciate the skeletonized movement. The index and counters are in solid rose gold. Finally, rcrafted in rose gold, the hands contrast elegantly with the movement always in anthracite color. The second hand is orange for a sporty look.
Rose gold, cool gray, orange and transparency were among the client's instructions. A sapphire dial it was a must from the start. THE counters and indexes in rose gold float on its surface and beautifully display the underlying skeletonized movement. Touches of orange wink at the splendid gardens on the edge of the lake and throughout the region. The client wanted some transparency on all aspects of personalization, which was largely embodied by the skeletonized movement. Each piece of his own Caliber 4130 watch has been hand cut and treated in anthracite gray. Finally, each element has been hand polished to give contrast and shine.

“When I discovered mine Customization, I immediately immersed myself in the memories of my childhood and the time I spent at Lake Maggiore. I looked at it for seconds and was amazed by the final result, it exceeded my expectations. The craftsmen have united the aesthetics and technique with great elegance. "