The Alpinist line, for a Seiko enthusiast, means a lot in two main aspects: the first is that this is the longest-lived family in the Seiko catalog and the second reason is the tool-watch philosophy that makes all Alpinist models unique.

In this article, I want to describe the first reference of the line, a model that was of extreme importance for what will be the subsequent development of one of the most important brands in world watchmaking, especially in the world of sports.

Before 1959, in the Seiko catalog we mainly found elegant watches, with lines more aimed at traditional Swiss watchmaking, but Seiko, like many brands between the 50s and 60s, faced a big change, focusing production on more resistant and precise objects .

Not only in the world of watchmaking, "true luxury" was no longer the object of value, intended as an exclusive product made of precious material, but we were moving towards a luxury based on more resistant products ready for anything. , made to last a long time and offer excellent performance. The big cultural change, which then pushed man to face the most extreme challenges ever, has centered the development of watches ready for every situation, more robust and precise.

Hence also Seiko, in 1959, created the first Alpinist, ref. 14041. With this new model he made a truly epochal leap forward, proposing a real tool-watch with luminescent material on indexes and spheres, enjoying excellent readability and making it waterproof up to 30 meters.


If today all this is taken for granted, in 1959 it was not so easy to make this type of watch and the ref. 14041 was not only important for the Alpinist family, but for the whole development of Seiko because it was the first real sports watch of the Japanese brand.

Taking a leap forward over 60 years, the Alpinist line has expanded and boasts many models, including the SARB, which have become famous and collected by many lovers of the Japanese brand. Today we take a look at one of the latest references in the line, the SPB209J1.

Compared to previous Alpinist models, there have also been improvements from a technical point of view thanks to the new 6R35 caliber. The rpower reserve is approximately 70 hours. Beyond the glass which has been redesigned and which houses a magnifying lens in correspondence with the date, this model maintains all the technical characteristics that the Prospex Alpinist line has been offering for several decades: internal ring operated from the crown at 4 o'clock, 200 meters of impermeability, Great legibility in all situations, a comfortable and balanced case on the wrist and a charm that only a few watches in this price range can offer.

As I wrote a little while ago, for a lover of the Japanese brand par excellence, the Alpinist represents the history of the brand, the continuity of a message that has not changed for more than 60 years, offering, at a great price, a great product.

The fit dictated by the unique shape of the case, the excellent feeling on the wrist and this chocolate-colored dial make the SPB209 a masterpiece for those looking for an excellent adventure companion ready to be on the wrist in any context.

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Brand: Seiko 
Model: Prospex Alpinist  Reference: SPB209J1
Diameter: 39.5 mm
Cash desk: steel
Lamp: LumiBrite
Water Resistance: 200m

Movement: Automatic, caliber 6R35,
Precision: +25 / -15 sec. per day

Prezzo di Vendita: 720 Euro