In recent years, we have been witnessing an exponential increase in the phenomenon we have called “Rolex fever”. The increase in demand has grown inversely proportional to the decrease in supply by Rolex. What at first seemed a phenomenon linked to the professional watch of the brand par excellence, the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona in Oystersteel steel, has instead become endemic to the crowned maison. From the GMT-Master II called “Pepsi” we have moved on to the hunt for the new Oyster Perpetuals presented in 2020 with bright colors, which recall the “Stella” dials fitted in the past on Rolex Day Dates.

Rolex authorized dealers are burdened with constant requests every day, overwhelmed by names to be put on waiting lists, without them being able to predict when they will ever be able to evade the multitude of questions. Believe it or not, they don't even know how many Daytonas, how many Submariners, how many Oyster Perpetuals they will receive with their next order. Among other things, I suppose that even dealers don't like not having watches to show to customers, like in this photo taken in neighboring Switzerland ..

Obviously, the discontent of true enthusiasts on the one hand, and of speculators on the other, has given rise to many suppositions and theories about the reason for this phenomenon. If until now Rolex has never made any such statements, thanks to Yahoo Finance we have the opportunity to bring you an official declaration of the crowned house on this subject:

The scarcity of our products is not a strategy. Our current production cannot satisfy the existing demand comprehensively, at least not without reducing the quality of our watches, which we refuse to do because the quality of our products must never be compromised. This level of excellence takes time and, as we always have, we will continue to take the time to ensure that all of our watches not only conform to our standards of excellence, but also meet our customers' expectations in terms of quality, reliability. and robustness.

Rolex does not compromise on what it takes to produce exceptional watches. All Rolex watches are developed and produced in-house at our four sites in Switzerland. They are assembled by hand, with extreme care, to meet the brand's unique and high quality standards of quality, performance and aesthetics. Understandably, this naturally limits our production capacities, which we continue to increase as much as possible and always according to our quality criteria. Finally, it should be noted that Rolex watches are available exclusively at official retailers, which independently manage the assignment of watches to customers ".

This statement, in summary, wants to underline that Rolex is not a "simple" watch company: Rolex is a true manufacture. The result of the great and lasting success of this maison has always been the research and offer of excellence in every respect. How many fashion houses have in their collections truly iconic and representative models of the history of the watch industry? We are not talking about just one model, but practically the entire range of Rolex timepieces.

Furthermore, strategy or not, it is undeniable that this situation has led to emphasizing the quality of these watches, changing the perception in the end customer and not just their - sometimes exponential - value achieved on the secondary market.