One of the hottest weekends in the world of watch auctions has just ended. With a total proceeds of 74.5 million dollars, "Phillips in Association with Bacs & Russo" achieves the highest grossing in the history of watch auctions. Exactly 12 lots have exceeded the fateful threshold of 1 million Swiss francs (CHF) and among these we will have the honor to present the ten most significant of the review “The Geneva Watch Auction: XIV”.

First of all, we can only tell you about him, the watch that caused a sensation among collectors and enthusiasts throughout this auction weekend: Omega Speedmaster “Tropical Broad Arrow” from 1957 ref. 2915-1. With a result of CHF 3,115,500 it is the all-time record for an Omega sold at auction. The fundamental peculiarity is the chocolate-colored dial called “tropical” which is in perfect condition as is the indices, spheres and case.

The teacher Philippe Dufour after years of experience with the most famous brands such as Jaeger-LeCoultre, Audemars Piguet and Gerald Genta, he always manages to amaze us with real wrist works of art. His effort in the pursuit of perfection was rightly rewarded with a result of CHF 4,749,000 (world record result for independent watchmakers).

Always at the Dufour house, we are pleased to tell you about "Duality N ° 8”, A watch with a rose gold case and double escapement that made the gavel thunder a CHF 3,660,000. Another parenthesis is the "Grande et Petite Sonnerie # 1”, Unique model pocket watch with one of the most pleasant complications: the minute repeater. The latter also reached a noteworthy listing: CHF 2,329,000.

With a result of CHF 3,902,000, Chronomètre à Résonance "Souscription" is one of the more expensive twin tones this auction weekend with a rose gold and platinum case. It is difficult not to understand the reason for such an important result. With this watch, the first of the 20 watches Subscription Resonance made, F.P. Journe dared to release such an unusual caliber is critical when virtually no one knew what a resonant movement was and how it worked.

What is truly remarkable - perhaps as much as the technical refinement of the timepieces themselves - is that Mr. Journe managed to pre-sell the entire production of the first series with the now famous “Subscription” system. The fact that he was able to find buyers willing to trust him with a predetermined sum in advance betrays the high regard he had as a watchmaker even before creating his own brand, which later became a powerhouse among independent watchmakers.

This specimen is one of only 3 two-tone Resonances with a silver dial.

Landing on one of the most historic and famous brands such as Patek Philippe, we are pleased to present three of the "over one million CHF”Of this weekend.

With the ref. 2499 first series, the quintessential perpetual calendar chronograph awarded to Serpico and Laino, one of the most famous jewelers of the last century based in Caracas in Venezuela (CHF 3,539,000). Always with reference 2499 but second series lot 247 (CHF 1,482,000).

Last of the house with the Calatrava cross is a watch of no doubt rarity but of infinite beauty and elegance. We are talking about the ref. 2497, perpetual calendar and moon phases but with the great peculiarity of the central seconds and the presence of a blue sphere that detaches from a dial that is now cream colored (CHF 2,813,000).

The last result that cannot be overlooked is that of Richard Mille RM27-04. The RM27 series was born in the now distant 2010 with the partnership of Rafael Nadal, one of the greatest tennis champions of all time. The RM27-04 was presented on the occasion of the tenth anniversary, to celebrate this well-established partnership between the Swiss maison and the famous tennis player.

Limited edition of only 50 pieces in TitaCarb, a unique material in terms of weight and resistance. With the great complication of the Tourbillon and the complexity of construction of the watch, the balance needle stops at just 30 grams (3,4 grams only the movement). With these characteristics, the third hammer blow could only stop at a considerable figure such as i CHF 1,724,000.