Surely in the panorama of mechanical watchmaking, the micro-rotor is one of those peculiarities that can strike many fans. And from this concept Baltic wanted to develop the MR01 focusing on creating an exclusive product not only for quantity, but also for technical specifications.

Baltic, for those unfamiliar with it, is a brand born a few years ago and which in a short time has become one of the best companies on the market as regards the "microbrand" segment.

I added the quotes at the end microbrand because if we did a small calculation, based on this new model, we could understand that in less than thirty minutes they managed to sell out the entire line selling more than 600 copies. Numbers that may seem few when compared to the large watch manufacturers, but when we talk about microbrands, we are basically talking about independent companies. Realities made by a few people who carry on an idea of ​​watchmaking that wants to stand out, offer something unique and fun to wear.

Baltic stands out on the market for its quality, its attention to detail and the great reference to past lines. In fact, in their watches we find details, colors, small distinctive traits of other important fashion houses, but without distorting their philosophy, their style and without losing their appeal.

The new MR01 finds many similarities with the very first ones Calatrava by Patek, with a case that perfectly reflects the style Three Notches by Longines, joining a philosophy of watches of the greatest independents of the moment. For example, I immediately think of the Nakagawa. But as mentioned earlier, despite all these similarities Baltic manages to stand out and offer a unique product of its kind, especially when compared to its price range.

The Parisian brand has once again managed to offer a very nice, simple product, perfect for that segment of people that I like to define Passionate with a capital A. Baltic breaks the hearts of us who look with admiration at the stepped cases made famous by Longines, at the dials of the first Calatrava by Patek Philippe, at the Blancpain divers and I invite all of you to take a look at the site of these French guys.

Personally, what strikes me most about this new MR01 is the Breguet font chosen for the numbers and, last but not least, i small seconds at 7 o'clock. Not only an aesthetic choice, at least for me apt, but it derives from the use of a caliber with micro-rotor. Baltic in fact surprised many enthusiasts for having proposed a watch with a micro-rotor, one of the most refined and rare technical features to be found today, especially if let's think about € 650 to which the MR01 is proposed. The overall finishes of the caliber are good and overall, during our test, the movement maintained optimum accuracy.

Baltic is one of those realities that we recommend to try and observe because in the space of a few years it has managed to make people talk a lot about itself. Have your say here on Perpetual Passion and follow us on our social networks.

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