As many of you may have noticed, given the temperatures close to freezing these days, winter is upon us and with great enthusiasm I present to you the "Winter Tee" by Perpetual Passion, our official t-shirt in collaboration with the artist French The Watchoniste.

The inspiration comes from a splendid photo by Jean Genoud, reworked by the French artist @watchoniste exclusively for Perpetual Passion.

Why a GMT Master as your first t-shirt?

First of all, the GMT Master is a legendary watch, designed for pilots, captains, sailors, adventurers and of course enthusiasts like us. For myself, it is a real 'lucky charm', an extremely symbolic watch and for this reason we chose it as a watch for our first t-shirt.

Because it is so special

It's a melodramatic story, but somehow it changed my life.

Almost ten years ago, even if it seems centuries ago, I was a great triathlon enthusiast and I tried, with great determination, to try to become a triathlete even if without competitive or professional aims. However, like everything that generates a strong passion in me, I have dedicated every free hour to this triple discipline to be able to swim, pedal and run, together with the best athletes in my group.

Bike training

Maybe it was destiny, but in my first race I was literally hit by a cyclist coming from the opposite lane, with the sad result of breaking two fingers and finding myself close to a rice paddy with an annoying head injury. I could not tolerate the stop from training due to a normal fracture, after having spent the winter months preparing for the season: but I had to resign myself.

After two months, finally on vacation in the beloved Villefranche sur Mer, I decided to start training as if there was no tomorrow ... until, in the middle of a solitary training in open water, I was panicked not to return to shore.

"What to do?" I thought. "I'm alone, I don't feel strong .. how do I get back to shore?"

I may never have revealed it to you, but I'm a huge fan of Magnum PI beyond that of Tom Selleck. What does it has to do with it? Well, it so happens that one of the most beautiful episodes of the television series whose protagonist "Home from the Sea ", see the private investigator as the protagonist Thomas Magnum left alone off the Hawaiian coast after being run over while aboard his surf ski.

Over the course of the episode, his time spent in the water is a constant cross-reference between the present and his childhood. And this is where the Rolex GMT Master 16570 on the wrist of Magnum's father, intent on timing his son, encouraging him to beat his own record and work harder, with the right balance between enthusiasm and discipline, making him feel great for his successes.

Magnum's father, a Navy pilot, will then have to leave for Korea, but promises a watch identical to his if the little Magnum achieves a new goal before his return: swimming for an hour.

Rolex GMT Master 16570

This memory allows Magnum to find the strength to keep afloat, fighting his fatigue and his fears. The latest flashback is Magnum's dad's military funeral, where young Thomas delivering a military salute à la JFK Jr. at the funeral with that GMT-Master dangling from his child-sized wrist.

Little Thomas Magnum at his father's funeral wearing the GMT Master

"Home from the sea"

In the midst of open waters, this thought, this episode, somehow saved my life. The memory of how Magnum pushed herself to stay afloat and not give in in such a dramatic situation was a thought that I clung to.

Villefranche Sur Mer, 2013

So I tried to get back to shore, trying to waste as little energy as possible, always with my head above the water to look at the beach that looked like a mirage.

After 8 years from this episode of my life, I still remember it as if it were yesterday. I am always a Magnum PI enthusiast, I no longer practice triathlons, but I love the Rolex 16750 or, even better, the 1675.

It is a watch that evokes great emotions in me: both for its history, but in particular for my history. When I happen to wear it, it is always a special moment to take it and slide it along my hand to keep it firmly on the wrist. What for many will seem like just a watch, a "very banal" GMT, is much, much more to me.

It is a bond that only I see, while those who observe me when I admire him insistently, most of the time will think that I am bored or that he is waiting for who knows what appointment.

Returning to our "Winter Tee”, You can find them on the PERPETUAL Shop at a price of 50 euros. The t-shirts, made of 100% cotton, are available in the colors White, Navy Blue and “Perpetual” Green. Shipments will take place starting from 15/12.

"It's all about Passion!" Merry Christmas!