The photo posted on Instagram by former First Lady Michelle Obama in the company of her husband Barack Obama while celebrating the new year aroused great curiosity. In the photograph, a decidedly unexpected watch appeared on the wrist of the former US President.

It may seem strange to some, but there have been many who wrote to us in DM on our Instagram account or via email, asking us for an opinion on what was the watch worn by former President Barack Obama.

I have to be honest, from the beginning I was convinced it was an unreleased Girard-Perregaux Graduate, given to the former President given the excellent relations between his wife Michelle and the Kering group. But it was difficult to satiate curiosity with a remote guess.

So I started to literally 'browse' in the maze of Google looking for watches similar to the Laureato and I came across the site Teleport Watch, an online shop for affordable watches based in New York.

Among the watches offered, I found a great similarity between the watch worn by Obama and this 'limited edition' developed in collaboration with ACTIVELY BLACK, an African American-owned sports apparel and accessories company founded by the former basketball player Lanny Smith.

The watch is implicitly a 'tribute' to the various Royal Oak or the Laureato, with an entirely black graphics: black steel case, black silicone strap, black dial with Teleport Watch need Actively Black at 12 o'clock, Myota quartz movement. The price? $ 250 USD.

But how did this watch get on Barack Obama's wrist? In the Instagram account of the founder of Actively Black Lanny Smith, he himself posted a letter of thanks by the former US President and his wife Michelle in whom they thank him for having given them some clothes and accessories, as well as the admiration for the 'mission' of his company.

Dear Lanny,

Thanks for your kind gift! Michelle and I want you to know how much we love the items you sent us and we always wear them.

In addition to the clothes that are impressive, it is the story behind Actively Black that we admire. The initiative you have taken to give African Americans a voice and even more necessary investments is an example that many should aspire to.

We really appreciate your gesture. Thanks again to you and your team for the gift and for the important work you are doing.

Michelle & Barack OBAMA

The intent of Actively Black it is in fact to fill the void in representation and investment in the African American community, reinvesting profits to encourage initiatives aimed at improving the mental health and physical fitness of the black community.

While all of us were thinking of a valuable watch, also given the caliber of the character, the former President Barack Obama amazed everyone, wearing a watch very dear to him for the message he wants to convey and the project to which he is linked.