“In 1988 I was in college. It was a time of exploration, of freedom. The same year the film “Le Grand Bleu” was released. He left a mark on me, he holds precious memories in me. I wanted my timepiece to be unique and remember my passion for the ocean and unexplored nature".  Mr. IA

The film “The Big Blue” was the starting point for the customization of the client, a man passionate about the beauty of the ocean floor. He asked those of  Artisans de Genève to rework his Deepsea, the watch she wears the most, to make it a precious and unique piece. He wanted to keep his look and shape, while giving it a blue-hued elegance all the while. Naturally he called his personalization the "Grand Bleu".

Blue is the cornerstone of this project. The client wanted to embody the calm of the abyss, the calm before the storm. Different shades blend with different materials, all bound by handcrafted finishes: beveling, polishing, circular grain.

“I like the uniqueness of my watch, it remembers the backdrops. I am passionate about unspoiled nature and I wanted it to embody this refinement and for the blue to be very deep ”.

To get as close as possible to the sea itself, in Artisans de Genève they have developed an exclusive shade: the majestic blue.
The openwork dial has been cut and decorated with diamond hour markers that complement the steel movement.
A sapphire crystal date disc has been included, a subtle detail that gives the piece its unrivaled transparency. This piece alone required 60 hours of extremely delicate work.
With the expert Rubber B, a real vulcanized rubber strap in majestic blue has been developed for comfortable wear.
Finally, the bezel insert is made of polished ceramic and elegantly contrasts with the openwork movement.
The client wanted his personalization to be both sporty and refined, a balance that was scrupulously executed by our craftsmen. Each piece of the movement 3135 has been expertly reworked, not unlike the careful preparation of his boat by a sailor. Some pieces are rhodium-plated, others ringed, then hand-polished to give luster to the modified caliber. After being cut with wire, the plate was coated with blue. Requiring hundreds of hours of work, the “Grand Bleu” is a feat of technical and aesthetic skill. A true journey into the unknown.