In 2021 Cartier presented the new Tank Must in three brand new monochromatic versions, which made one of the most iconic watches ever with an even more essential elegance, inspired by the Must de Cartier of the 80s.

Today I want to tell you about the version that has remained in the shadows compared to those presented in green, blue and red. I'm talking aboutlimited edition with black dial, presented to celebrate the reopening of the Geneva boutique in November 2021.

Cartier Tank “Must” advertisement from the 80s

The birth of the Tank Must dates back to the late 70s, at the height of the quartz crisis that decimated the watch industry. Cartier introduced a pioneering line of “must-have” watches: the Must de Cartier Collection. These Tanks featured a “Vermeil” case (sterling silver with a gold layer on top), a practical quartz movement and minimalist dials in a stunning array of colors.

The GM size steel case - 33.7 mm x 25.5 mm - houses the black lacquered dial with only the Cartier logo and the small “Swiss Made” inscription shown at six o'clock. As for the other versions, this watch has a steel case and rounded compared to the Tank Solo produced before the introduction of the new Tank Must and is equipped with a new quartz movement, which guarantees the operation of the watch for eight years.

The caseback, on the other hand, is embellished with a special engraving depicting the city of Geneva.

The cabochon and alligator strap are also black. Overall this watch represents the quintessence of elegance, making it perfect for example under the cuff of a black tie .. but not only.

The watches produced to commemorate the reopening of the Geneva boutique are only 50 in the GM size - like the model in this article - and another 50 in the PM size.

The selling price for the large GM model was € 2.730 and € 2.590 for the small PM model.
Because it was"? Simply because the watches have all been sold to the most loyal customers of the Geneva boutique and on the market, at the moment, it is possible to find them for over € 15.000.

Technical details

Brand: Cartier
Model: Tank Must Black Limited Edition Geneva Boutique

Dimensions: 33mm x 25.5mm for the large model (GM), and 29.5 x 22mm for the small model (PM)
Cash desk: steel, black spinel crown
Dial color: Black
Strap / Bracelet: black alligator with steel barb. As with the other Tank Must, a separate steel bracelet can also be purchased for this model.