Now in its third year of existence, the GPHG Academy has over 650 members! Quickly adopted by the world of watchmaking, this vast network that includes ambassadors of the passion for watchmaking is growing in numbers and skills to strengthen its role in highlighting the industry.

A success story in many ways, the GPHG Academy has become a valuable means of sharing and promoting the culture of watchmaking, while democratizing the nomination and voting process. The members of the GPHG Academy participate in the various stages of the competition: first of all they are invited to propose watches for the competition; once brands have participated, select the named watches, Then participate in a second vote in the autumn to determine the winners together with the jury.

Matteo Bega, founder of Perpetual Passion

As a member of this year's GPHG Academy, the Perpetual Passion team is proud to be able to contribute with the appointment of our founder Matthew Bega. We are happy and honored to join friends and colleagues of the GPHG Academy, and offer our contribution to promote the culture of watchmaking .. with an Italian touch!

The result of the Academy's vote is added to that of the Jury in this second round of voting. A strategic tool for promoting industry news, the GPHG allows an international audience to follow the evolution of the art of watchmaking through a competition culminating in the award ceremony, the 22nd edition of which will take place on Thursday 10 November 2022.

The Foundation is delighted to welcome the personalities who join the Academy this year and thanks all members for their commitment and commitment to watchmaking. Please note that the Jury, made up of 30 members of the Academy, meets in Geneva a few days before the ceremony, behind closed doors and under the supervision of a notary, to physically evaluate the nominated watches and proceed to the selection of the winners by secret ballot. .

2022 list of Academy members
Academy regulations