In recent years we have witnessed a real "bronze race". Some of the most important fashion houses in the sector have ventured into producing their own watches in this very particular alloy on which Oris has led the way, breaking through the hearts of enthusiasts.

For several years now Oris has accustomed us to the use of bronze and I believe that among all the brands it is the most specialized. Many companies have decided to produce their watches in this special alloy, because the patina that is created makes each individual watch unique and we have a completely unique product from that of another person.

The patina depends on many variables, such as the temperature in which the watch lives, the humidity, the ph of the owner's skin, the hardness of the water and all this leads to having a different patina every single time. This aspect has certainly found fertile ground in that watchmaking that tries to offer more and more exclusive and unique products.


Oris has always experimented, offering many of its models in this fantastic material. By giving so much space to the bronze she managed to get her audience and in general many fans "accustomed". I believe that the new bronze Pointer Date with the entirely bronze bracelet are very successful, but let's not forget the Candy 65 divers presented in 38mm a few months ago.

Credit: Worn & Wound


Oris was the most successful company from this point of view because it integrated bronze by combining it with steel, up to the latest releases with entire bronze bracelets. An extremely successful result both aesthetically and technically. Bronze may seem more fragile than classic stainless steel, but according to the Vickels scale, which evaluates the hardness of materials, bronze has a result quite similar to steel (and clearly superior to that of gold, for example) so it is can rest assured about its use for the bracelet.

It may seem trivial, but Oris has been very good at integrating this alloy into the entirety of their design, very often combining this material with winning colors and styles.


And this is the very last reason. Starting from the completely bronze bracelets and unique creations, surely what made Oris great and linked her so well to bronze, is her unique style and her personality. The well-chosen choice of the colors of the dials and the very balanced shapes of their watches meant that many enthusiasts could approach this material without having to buy an aesthetically "extreme" watch.

In my opinion this is the real reason that made Oris different from all other bronze watch manufacturers. Producing watches with a unique character, offering a very unique and fun alternative to traditional steel. Few brands work so well from this perspective, the fact that they have always combined this alloy with colored dials has meant that truly one-of-a-kind objects came out.

These three fundamental aspects made me come to the conclusion that if today we appreciate bronze so much it is thanks to Oris, one of the most promising companies on the market, to one of the brands, in my opinion, the most interesting and that I appreciate most in this last period. .