A few days after its official launch, the MoonSwatch - born from the collaboration between Swatch and Omega - has become a global phenomenon. The lines in front of the Swatch stores were impressive, from New York to Dubai, from Singapore to London, to the shopping center next door. Thousands of people have catapulted to grab a wristwatch.

The first news is this.

Before going into the merits of the project, it must be recognized that this initiative has brought our beloved back to the center of attention clock which, if we want to put it out of the way, is a rather obsolete object given the technology that surrounds us. Although all of us fans wish it could still remain on the wrist of many generations.

A romantic reasoning? Perhaps. But if we look at the various crowds of people who queued for hours and hours, most of them were kids. Sure, some were resellers ready to earn their day, but just as many were Omega enthusiasts Moonwatch, who simply wanted to buy a nice and fun object to alternate with theirs Speedmaster.

Even those who simply wanted to speculate, after finishing a queue for a Supreme limited and a Lidl one, came into contact with the watchmaking. The cheap and fun one from Swatch and the legendary one from Moonwatch. He received the advertising message, chewed it up and stored it.

Now let's focus on the leading brands of this joint operation: Swatch and Omega.
In these days I have read everything and I would like to summarize my thoughts.

First of all, we all owe our thanks to Swatch and the Hayek family. Since its inception in 1983, the brand has been revolutionary and has saved mechanical watchmaking from the so-called "quartz crisis" due to the advent of cheaper and often mini-computer-like Japanese watches. Swatch messed up the cards by presenting the first Swiss plastic watch, affordable, fun and with a recognizable style.

The birth of the MoonSwatch draws on these values, but with a further purpose: bring the Omega brand and the “Moonwatch". This is another revolution for watchmaking.

While purists argue that Omega would have debased its spearhead for a low-cost commercial operation, from my point of view events should be viewed from a broader perspective.

Omega could have invested further capital in advertising campaigns with testimonials or with initiatives that are in some ways outdated. What better investment in the future for Omega than to have your most iconic watch worn in a carefree, colorful way even by those who didn't know it existed?

The world of Omega has always been characterized by a strong group of fans, many real nerds, who have been the fortune and sometimes the limit of the maison. In the task of respecting its history and the aficionados, the appeal deriving from social, fashionable and generational phenomena was often lacking compared to other brands.

Il MoonSwatch represents a change of pace, at least communicative. Just look at the newspapers, on television, or talk to a colleague at work, even the furthest from the watchmaking industry. Everyone talked about Swatch, Omega.. and the Moonwatch.

Il Moon (S) watch has gone viral and witnesses a new chapter in watchmaking. Mission accomplished.