As has been the case for several years now, the one at the Geneva show, formerly SIHH, which has now become Watches & Wonders, brings together enthusiasts, collectors, retailers and the press from all over the world, for what is without a doubt, the most important event for fine watchmaking. Slightly staggered to the event (30 March – 5 April), F.P. Journe inaugurated his own salon, inside his factory in the heart of Geneva, presenting his novelties, among which, certainly, the one that struck fans the most was the conclusion of the Vagabondage trilogy which began 18 years ago. Years ago.

in 1997 François-Paul Journe had created for a friend, a model equipped with an original automatic movement inserted inside a round yellow gold case, called CARPEDIEM. This watch was equipped with a dial characterized by the jumping hour, around an apparent central balance wheel. Later, François-Paul Journe had developed a wristwatch with a hand-wound movement that indicated wandering hours on a CARPEDIEM-inspired dial, but redesigned to fit into a Tortue Plate® case. But busy with other projects, François-Paul Journe decided to leave that model at the prototype stage.

In 2003, François-Paul Journe was contacted by Antiquorum, who was organizing a charity sale for its 30th anniversary for the Foundation ICM. The Maison was looking for a “unique piece” within six months. Aware that it was an impossible project, Journe decided to rework the Vagabondage prototype. Eventually, not one, but three unique “Vagabondage” pieces were presented: one in rose gold, one in yellow gold and one in white gold, all featuring brass movements. For aesthetic reasons, the brand name did not appear on the dial. Since the auction had been a real success, François-Paul Journe received numerous requests to include the model in his production and thus make it available to a wider audience of collectors, which he agreed to do, only in one. very limited production, given the aesthetic difference with his other creations of the time.


2004: Vagabondage I - Caliber 1504

Vagabondage I is the first watch produced in a limited edition of 69 pieces, with a platinum case with rose gold movements. Inside the clock face, it is possible to view the digital jumping hours in a “wandering” window whose position indicates the minutes. Like the trilogy offered at auction in 2003, the dial is devoid of any inscriptions. This feature will later be maintained, as well as the use of the hand-wound movement.

2010: Vagabondage II - Caliber 1509

True to the distinctive style of its predecessor, the Vagabondage II is offered with a Tortue Plate® case, but with a digital hour and minute indication. Given his growing reputation and his community, François-Paul Journe decides to produce 68 6N red gold watches in addition to 69 with platinum cases. Designed for serial collectors, FPJourne offers every owner of a Vagabondage I the opportunity to acquire the same serial number for the Vagabondage II.

2017: Vagabondage III - Caliber 1514

In 2017 he presented the latest series, the Vagabondage III equipped with a digital display of hours and seconds. This function was never developed in watchmaking due to its great complexity. The Vagabondage III was limited to 68 pieces in 6N red gold, in addition to 69 in platinum. Once again, François-Paul Journe assigns the first models to the owners of the Vagabondage II, so that they can keep the same serial number.

2022: Vagabondage I in Gold - Caliber 1504.2

To complete the trilogy of timepieces in gold, FPJourne presents this latter model, which however is not a faithful copy of the 2004 Vagabondage I Platinum. After almost 18 years, the Vagabondage I in gold is in fact equipped with an updated movement, the Caliber 1504.2, still manually wound, and a 45,2 x 37,5 mm case. As François-Paul Journe says: “Vagabondage I can be considered as a prototype of the time. We have now gained the experience to be able to make a better and more reliable caliber and therefore the movement is also up to date, compared to the first approach. The first caliber was 1504; the new one is 1504.2. "

As with the previous Vagabondage, this model will also be on request, with priority given to collectors who own the Vagabondage II and III in gold with the corresponding number.