On the occasion of Watches and Wonders, Oris presented the new ProPilot X and, as always, was able to amaze fans of the brand and others.

The new ProPilot X cal. 400 in the three colors.

The new Oris ProPilot X embodies all the essence of an Oris line that has become famous with their famous Propilot 10 days, but in reduced dimensions, particular colors (peculiarity of Oris) and in-house caliber 400. 

The new ProPilot X encloses an aesthetic typical of this line in 39mm diameter, combined with titanium. This means that on the wrist the watch is super light, comfortable, and extremely versatile to wear. I write this because during my visit to the Oris hub at Watches and Wonders, my eye fell on the salmon-colored ProPilot X cal. 400 worn by the CEO of Oris. He was wearing a suit and tie and seeing this watch peeking out from under the cuff made me think.

Knowing how to have fun is the key to living this passion well and Oris lets us do it

I had already expressed my thoughts on the brand, but in these events, in these situations, you really understand how well these watches are, especially in the colors. Oris has always been able to play with colors, with the right choice of palette to use. If from the first moment the version in titanium color was my "choice" (due to the chromatic similarities that refer to my grail watch, Octo Finissimo), I then re-evaluated the indigo version, which later became my favorite along with the salmon one.

The skill of Oris lies in knowing how to combine different materials very well, as in this case titanium, with such bright and whimsical colors, but creating very balanced and versatile watches. One of the aspects not to be underestimated of these new ProPilot X is the expansion of the use of the caliber 400. Oris is working very well from this perspective, making its products increasingly qualitative and excellent from the point of view of the affordable price they have.

With this new model they have managed to offer a pilot watch different from the usual, both for the qualitative and exclusive mechanics, and for the right choice of bright and fun colors to wear that immediately distinguish the Propilot X caliber 400 from all the other pilot manufacturers. watch.