Seiko, given the great success of the reinterpretation models of '65 -'68-'70, has decided to further expand the line by offering a product completely different from all the rest. And this new Black Series line is a limited edition of 5500 pieces for each single watch, which sees the birth of a completely black watch, with details on the bezel insert and luminescent paste of the bright orange miniti sphere.

From the left: Ref. SPB253, SPB255, SPB257

As for the Save The Ocean, find the article here:, Seiko has pushed the accelerator on what are, at least to my taste, the most successful speakers of recent years. And the idea of ​​having these watches in black is absolutely intriguing, especially if you are a sports watch lover.

In the dark we have the revelation.

The idea of ​​Seiko comes from night diving, a practice that fascinates many deep sea lovers. The mystery of the sea is enlarged by the darkness that surrounds it and many are intrigued by this aspect. The watches then take up that darkness that envelops the diver and the orange accents are reminiscent of the lights that stand out in the night.

The three steel cases have been completely treated with an ultra-resistant treatment that gives this black a finish that is different from traditional PVD treatments. In fact, the polishing and satin finishing are done in a perfect way, almost giving you the idea that the cases are made of black ceramic.

One aspect that struck me is the pillbox fabric strap from Seiko. In fact, it incorporates a traditional Japanese weaving technique called Seichu, very soft to the touch but at the same time more resistant. 

On the wrist they are watches that immediately satisfy sports watch enthusiasts, but who do not want to have watches that are too colorful or flashy. Having the case completely black gives the idea of ​​wearing a slightly more compact watch than its real dimensions. The strap is also extremely comfortable and helps a lot in feeling good with these watches on the wrist. Black makes everything much more "stealth" and "low profile", but the orange accents give that touch of color that give life and dynamism to these watches.

I believe that Seiko has once again proposed an interesting, varied product capable of capturing the attention of many enthusiasts. They will be available from June 2022 and will be produced in a limited series of 5500 pieces per case, where the progressive number will be engraved on each caseback.