Cassetti is a family business that, over the generations, has managed to expand becoming a real Italian reference point and beyond, for the sale of watches and jewelry.

The company was founded in 1926 thanks to Renzo Cassetti, heir to the tradition of the master engravers where his production will specialize in hand-worked and chiseled silverware; starting from a small factory it became, in the 80s, one of the first Italian industries in the sector. In 1976 he opens the first store on Ponte Vecchio in Florence where, alongside jewels and precious stones, watches are also presented, a novelty for the area. 

external view from the laboratory

We had the opportunity to attend the inauguration of the new Rolex Service Center, where Andrea and Maria Grazia Cassetti and their nephew Filippo Cassetti showed us what is the flagship of one of the most suggestive Rolex boutiques in Italy, located two steps from Ponte Vecchio.

“We looked for these spaces in front of the Prince's Path, because our family and professional life has always been on the Ponte Vecchio and its surroundings. We thought that these unique pieces deserve certified and high quality repairs, a bit like what happens with luxury cars ”says Andrea Cassetti.

In the spaces for overhaul, embedding, and running and waterproofing tests, there is a direct commitment to sustainability. “Cassetti” has created a project with the University of Florence where, with the help of greenhouses, a real botanical filtration system takes place which uses plants to purify the air from pollutants.

The whole system is constantly monitored by a computer that shows the quality of the incoming and outgoing air. The ability of plants to absorb air pollutants has been the subject of scientific publications and research within the LINV.


"This is how the luxuriant plants in our laboratory, the light furniture and in line with a green philosophy, the air free of external contaminants, create an almost surreal environment, an oasis of peace far from chaos and pollution, in which our technicians take care of the watches, whose movements benefit from healthy air and free from fine dust. This is the added value: "maintaining" purified air inside the precious watch that allows it to function better and keep it in good condition. "