This year, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the British Scientific Expedition to Greenland, TUDOR presents the model Ranger, a tool watch that pays homage to the bold spirit of this adventure, featuring the MT5402 Manufacture Caliber, a 39 mm case and a quick-adjustment clasp.

Tudor Ranger 39 mm

The history of the name “Ranger” long precedes that of the British Scientific Expedition to Greenland. Although the TUDOR watches used by members of the expedition between 1952 and 1954 never featured this name on the dial, the models Ranger following the mission they continued the concept of the expedition watch developed by TUDOR in that period: a robust, practical and affordable instrument. 

The origins of the family Ranger of TUDOR date back to 1929. That year Hans Wilsdorf registered the name “Ranger”, three years after registering the trademark “The TUDOR”. At the time that name was not used to indicate a specific model, but to give an adventurous connotation to some models in the TUDOR collection. The aesthetics that distinguish the line today Ranger it was only introduced in the 60s and includes clearly visible Arabic numerals, generously coated with phosphorescent material at 3 o'clock (in models without date), 6, 9 and 12, as well as exclusive, specially created hands.

There are many variations of this model presented over time: with and without date display, with automatic or manual winding, initially with the TUDOR rose logo followed then by the shield on the dial. Starting from 1973, a version of the Ranger with integrated bracelet cataloged “Ranger II".

The iconic Tudor 3-6-9-12 dial Ranger

The real feeling on the wrist

I'm a lover of small cases, especially when it comes to tool watches of this kind. Indeed, Tudor has succeeded very well in the task of making these 39mm smaller and the fit of this new one Ranger It's very interesting.

The dimensions are "on paper" larger than what we expect from a re-edition of the famous Tudor Ranger vintage, which takes up the lines of Rolex's 1016. However, compared to the first re-release Ranger, seen in the catalog a few years ago, we have a distortion of the lines and the final result.

Details of the polished bevel.

In my opinion, the new Ranger It's a fair watch. Right in the shapes of the lugs, the case middle is balanced, completely satin-finished with these polished bevels on the bezel and lugs which creates a precise separation with the satin-finished parts and gives the wrist a three-dimensionality that would have been lost if the case had been completely satin. It's clean, simple, smooth and they gave that right tool-watch touch by choosing this finish, but that polish gave another flavor, it managed to embellish the entire watch.

Once worn it is really comfortable. The idea of ​​adding a dedicated bracelet, so much tapered (20-16mm in the closure) with the new T-Fit is simply the best that Tudor has ever thought. We have a case, which as I described to you, is very thin, perfectly wraps the wrist and is a combination of proportions that hides the 39mm very well.
I do not deny that the 39mm worried me precisely because it is not always easy to make a 39mm so versatile, especially if we are in the absence of rings or details. However, Tudor has once again hit the mark.

Ranger have the new Hybrid strap

The aspect that most binds me to this maison is the ease of use, the simplicity of the lines and the robustness of the watch. And this re-edition, which celebrates an extreme expedition where the man with his watch has created an indissoluble bond, Tudor has demonstrated that link with the past in an excellent way, bringing that spirit of adventure back onto our wrists. And it's easy to say, in this case: Born To Dare.

YOU SLEEP RANGER 39mm ref. 79950
What We Like
excellent value for money
What We Don't Like
Dial too simple in the finishes