Singer Reimagines presents the new Flytrack Barista Edition, a beautifully designed contemporary watch made for coffee enthusiasts who demand perfection. Released in an exclusive edition of 30 pieces, the watch applies a unique utilitarian touch to the chronograph function, which is both fascinating and practical. Featuring the revolutionary micromechanics for which this exciting independent watchmaking brand is acclaimed, the piece also features a new case for the company's iconic Flytrack collection.

In the world of modern watchmaking, many new brands are launched towards the public with designs and styles of new conception that may not take root immediately and may take years and years to be recognized and appreciated. This is not the case with “Singer Reimagined” which was born from the meeting of two luminary minds such as Rob Dickinson, Founder and Executive Chairman of “Singer Vehicle Design” and Marco Borraccino, Italian designer (Head of design at Panerai).

Already in 2017 the brand won the "Watch of the Year" in Poland organized by CH24 with the presentation of the first watch of the house: the Track 1.

We had the pleasure of trying the entire Singer collection guided step by step by Marco, thus managing to perceive and understand stylistic choices, design, materials and movement.

The purely stylistic starting point is the 60s and 70s where watches like Speedmaster Mark and Flightmaster laid the foundations of those wonderful years that gave the foundation to modern watchmaking.

Marco deliberately takes inspiration by re-introducing the steel case in a 43mm format which, however, turns out to be very light on the wrist test compared to the great classics of Omega. Just turn the watch to understand why: the splendid movement designed in collaboration with Agenhor deserved as much space and visibility as possible.

Chronograph movement that has 314 parts and 49 jewels focusing on measuring a short period of time: the minute.

Depending on the light conditions, the dial changes from a shade of black to a roasted coffee color where everything is enclosed by a brushed gold flange that marks the measurement of the minutes up to 60. The outermost ceramic "disk" black with 12 numerical indexes shows the time which, thanks to the Singer's typical luminescent dot at 6 o'clock, is easy and immediate, leaving only the minute sphere (0 to 60) and the chronograph sphere on the minute in the dial .

But the Barista would not be a Barista without the presence within the dial of the type of coffee that one wants to prepare: restricted, espresso, long and American.

The Flytrack Barista is a limited edition of 30 pieces with a list price of 25,500CHF (excluding taxes)


The watch on the wrist leaves a very positive feedback: the 43mm stainless steel case, despite its size, is not too heavy but has a pleasant "texture". The choice of the mechanical movement is very interesting (the finishes are impressive).

From a purely aesthetic point of view, I find it a very successful watch thanks also to these shades of coffee color, which make it not too showy but with its own personality. The watch comes with a handcrafted leather strap that is pleasant to the touch and soft. Plus point for being a watch designed by an Italian who believed in it completely, creating a brand that in the "States" has created a real sector of enthusiasts and collectors.



What We Like
Value for money
What We DON'T Like
Case not for all wrists