Rolex is in perpetual evolution. Indeed, the Maison would be about to invest 1 billion francs (CHF) in a new production site in Bulle, in western Switzerland in the Canton of Fribourg, which should be inaugurated in 2029 and which will host another 2 jobs .

Rolex's global headquarters

Could this translate into a major increase in production starting in 2030? Difficult to say, given that at the moment no confirmation has come from Rolex. However, the data speaks for itself: Rolex currently produces around 1 million watches a year, with sales of almost $8 billion in 2021, according to Morgan Stanley. It is by far the largest watch maker, not just in the luxury segment but in general. Despite these volumes. as many of us know, that supply is far outstripped by demand. The new production site could be thought of as a function of an increase in volumes, thus coping with the exponentially growing demand for Rolex watches currently in production.

The agreement has yet to be signed, however the cantonal economy department told RTS that the signing is expected next month. "An exceptionally large project is underway in Bulle with the prestigious Rolex company," said Oliver Curty, prime minister in Freiburg, adding that the authorities "will see to it that it is successful."

Rolex was founded in 1905 and is owned by the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation, its headquarters are located in Geneva and the production plants are currently in Geneva for what concerns the case, dials and testing and assembly departments, while in Biel / Bienne produces its movements.

Role Plan-Les-Oates.

At the moment it is still too early to understand how the new headquarters will be used and what impact it will have on Rolex's production capacity. We will update you on future developments.