De Bethune is proud to announce hers 31° in-house caliber featuring a brand new monopusher chronograph.

Il DB Eight represents an evolution in the exploration of the monopusher chronograph by De Bethune.
The Maison's first watch equipped with this function – the DB1 – was a classic single-button two-counter chronograph in the purest tradition of elegant 20th-century chronographs. In an attempt to bring to fruition an idea launched XNUMX years ago, De Bethune has now poured all his technique and aesthetics into creating a chronograph that lives up to his needs.

Together, Denis Flageollet e Claire Wolf they designed a classic dial guilloche extremely refined with the presence of a single counter positioned at 6 o'clock so that it could be as large as possible to provide a highly legible 60 minutes indication.
When the chronograph is reset, the tail of the chronograph hand subtly covers that of the minute counter so that the hands overlap perfectly.
A very symmetrical and distinct result for a watch that houses one of the most demanding mechanisms in watchmaking.

This perfectly designed maxi dial, framed by a slim bezel and a delicate outer seconds track, gives this timepiece 42 mm in diameter a very particular aspect.

Inside it beats the room in-house single-pusher chronograph caliber after DB1 and the Maxichrono.
Developed with the classic column wheel mechanism featuring an instantaneous minute counter… The extreme thinness of the wheel's teeth makes it a real technical challenge. While the caliber remains traditional, the technology behind the functions is at the forefront of the Manufacture's acquired knowledge. All components of the escapement and balance wheel are based on the finest elements present in the calibres De Bethune, In particular the patented spiral with flat terminal curve, the titanium balance wheel with inertia blocks in white gold and the escape wheel in silicon make this caliber the new "flagship" of the Swiss maison.

Demonstrating the utmost respect for manufacturing traditions of Maison and for the history of classic watchmaking, the DB Eight it perfectly combines the technical progress of classic watchmaking, cutting-edge materials, refined design and harmonious movement.

Its pure design is characterized by external elements in Grade 5 titanium, such as middle case, the case back, the bezel and the hands. This results in an extremely pleasant sensation of lightness for the wearer, unusual for a traditional watch.