HERMES in these days of W&W introduces two of its iconic models in a modern key but with new colors.


Two years ago, the young draftsman Ugo Welcome has created a surprising carré for Hermès called Wow. Why wow? Because it takes up the knight spirit dear to Hermès and brings it into the universe of comics. On the first face, the design is first reproduced with black inkvisible from both sides. It will guide the craftsman's gestures right down to the last brushstroke. All the decoration of the motif is then painted by hand starting from the first part. The pastel colors are applied one by one: thick enough to give relief to the motif, but thin enough to let the light pass through – a subtle balance that only the artisan experience can create. About twenty layers will be needed to bring out every slightest nuance of this decoration. Each layer will be placed in a 90° oven to fix the precious pigment.

In his box HoopDesigned by Henri d'Origny in 1978, the watch is offered in two versions animated by the same movement Manufacture H1912 self-refilling. The first unfolds on a dial that marries the pink tones, while the second prefers the blue accents. Wow each of these Arceau in White gold with case from 38 mm, fitted with a Hermès calfskin strap, in limited edition of 24 pieces, has a bezel set with 82 diamonds.

Cape Cod Chaine d'ancre

The designer had to make it into a square clock, which will become «a square in a rectangle». Strict in lines, daring in his spirit, Cape Cod subverts the codes. Its original case, formed by two half rings «Chaine d'ancre», plays with the emblematic motif created by Robert Dumas in 1938. A drawing inspired by a boat chain, which has become a distinctive stylistic sign of the maison.

Two new feminine models set or unset represent the double chain on a graphic dial from wisteria pink or gray blue hue. The intertwined rings stand out against a background marked by horizontal lines, all covered with dyed lacquer, and flown over by slim stick hands. Made in the ateliers Hermès Watcher, an alligator or calfskin strap underlines the blush shades of these contemporary and elegant creations.

Both versions are powered by a Swiss-made quartz movement that moves inside the 23 x 23mm steel case.