Have you ever thought about buying the watch of your dreams, at the value you desire? It is with this premise that DEANGELIS Marketplace was born, the new project linked to DEANGELIS, one of the most renowned sales and consultancy companies for collectible and prestigious watches. This innovative sales platform, born from months of commitment and study, marks a bold step in the shopping experience of high-end watches.

DEANGELIS was born in 2020, when Maurizio Deangelis, an expert in the field of vintage luxury watches, inaugurated his first Luxury Concept Boutique in the heart of Forte Dei Marmi. After important initiatives such as the two auctions organized in partnership with the Antiquorum auction house and the Alpemare bathroom owned by Maestro Andrea Bocelli, a second boutique was recently added in the prestigious Via Gesù 7, in the Fashion District of Milan.

The DEANGELIS boutique in Via Gesù 7, Milan

Today, this growth translates into “Deangelis Marketplace,” a new chapter destined to redefine the way in which prestige and collectible watches are purchased. Maurizio De Angelis explains how the idea started: “Everything was born from the experience we have accumulated over the years as sellers, buyers, but also as Auctioneers in 2021 and 2022 in partnership with one of the most important international auction houses. We have understood how the entire purchasing and selling process has advantages but is at the same time a bit cumbersome. Our idea is to create a service that optimizes the process and makes it simpler, more usable, faster and accessible to everyone. “

“Your Watch, Your Price”.

DEANGELIS Marketplace, Maurizio explains to us, is not intended to be a mere sales platform but an opportunity for watch enthusiasts to define the sales value themselves. The experience engages users, offering them the opportunity to bid, compete and win the watches they want. “Your Watch, Your Price”.

The distinctive philosophy of “Marketplace” it is the commitment to the transparency and authenticity,”Among the strong points on which we have focused a lot is certainly the Trust, that is, giving the guarantee that whoever buys a watch is 100% original in every component. ” says Maurizio. Each watch on sale will be subjected to rigorous assessments by international experts, guaranteeing the authenticity of each component.

Another advantageous aspect will be the commissions, which usually affect the hammer price by around 26-30% in the most renowned auction houses. The inaugural auction of DEANGELIS Marketplace will see them reset commissions, ensuring buyers significant savings.

A very important strong point is also the possibility of being able to enjoy the watch purchased on DEANGELIS Marketplace in complete safety, thanks to thefree insurance against theft and accidental damage. This initiative demonstrates the constant attention to customer well-being and satisfaction.

“DEANGELIS Marketplace” aims to be the innovative, transparent and economically convenient answer for those looking for high quality watches at the right market value. Stay tuned!