Breitling has officially announced the acquisition of Universal Genève, marking the beginning of a new chapter for a brand renowned for its artistic excellence and watchmaking innovation. This strategic step promises to bring back to its rightful place a name that has always been synonymous with prestige in the world of luxury timepieces.

Georges Kern, CEO of Breitling, shared his enthusiasm by declaring: “The enthusiasm is palpable, but we are equally aware of the important task that awaits us and the profound legacy that we will have to preserve.” He pointed out that Universal Genève was once acclaimed as a watchmaking couturier, renowned for its in-house produced movements and legendary models. Alfred Gantner, co-founder of Partners Group and chairman of the board of directors of Breitling, added that the definitive return of this brand has been a long-held dream of watch enthusiasts.

The process of rebuilding a brand with such a rich history will certainly not be a quick undertaking, but rather a meticulous work guided by the love and dedication that we expect will develop in the coming years. To ensure that Breitling and Universal Genève can operate as separate watchmakers, a dedicated team is planned, as Georges Kern explained.

Founded way back in 1894, Universal Genève always shone for its innovative designs and technical prowess until the mid-1989th century. However, the advent of the quartz crisis posed a significant challenge, changing the company's direction. Since XNUMX, it has been owned by Hong Kong-based Stelux Group, which has actively preserved its heritage. With this new acquisition, Breitling aims to restore the legendary brand to its former greatness, drawing firmly on Swiss tradition but with an eye towards the contemporary.

Joseph Wong, president and CEO of Stelux Group, expressed confidence that Breitling is ideally positioned to lead Universal Genève to new successes, as it has already brilliantly done with its own brand. He stressed that preserving the legacy of an illustrious watchmaking house is a major concern, and management at Breitling has demonstrated total commitment to ensuring that Universal Genève continues to live on, not only in name, but also in spirit.