On a night as special as New Year's Eve, an invitation to a party with a "black tie" dress code can transform a simple moment into an unforgettable occasion. Beyond aesthetic rules and formal conventions, wearing a tuxedo and pairing it with the right watch can become a timeless style statement.

In this article, we will explore the union between elegance and time, examining 5 iconic characters who knew how to wear their "black tie" with class, enriching the look with watches that reflect their unique personality.


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On elegant Hollywood evenings, George Clooney, the renowned actor and style icon, enchants with his unmistakable tuxedo. Not only a master in the art of acting, but also in wearing effortless elegance, Clooney completes the flawless look with a touch of refinement: on his wrist, a OMEGA DeVille Trésor, specifically the model with reference 432. with a silvered opaline dial with a vintage-style “clous de Paris” structure.

A perfect combination of timeless class and Swiss precision, the OMEGA watch becomes the distinctive accessory of an icon who knows how to blend classic style with modern sophistication.


In a scenario where grit and precision blend with effortless elegance, Roger Federer, the timeless tennis champion, stands out even in the most formal moments. Masterfully wearing his tuxedo, Federer completes his impeccable look with a touch of luxury on his wrist: the new Rolex Perpetual 1908 reference 52509.

Released by Rolex in 2023, this new collection features a 39mm 18k white gold case, black dial and alligator leather strap. The watch, a symbol of prestige and artisanal details, pairs perfectly with Federer's distinctive style, embodying the fusion between sporting passion and sophisticated elegance.


On formal occasions, Prince William embodies regal elegance with a touch of personal meaning. Wearing the tuxedo with impeccable style, a sparkles on his wrist Omega Seamaster 300 Mid size 36mm quartz, a precious gift from his beloved mother, Lady Diana.

In addition to marking the meeting between aristocratic tradition and emotional bond, the watch becomes a tangible symbol of heritage and connection, giving the prince's look an emotional depth and a touch of timeless grace.


In the world of fashion, Ralph Lauren is synonymous with timeless style, and this is also reflected in his choices of formal clothing. Effortlessly wearing her signature tuxedo, Lauren completes her look with a touch of classic elegance on her wrist: the refined Cartier Tank Louis Cartier.

The watch, with its boxy silhouette and clean design, blends harmoniously with Lauren's sophisticated aesthetic, proving that elegance, when paired with perfection, is truly eternal.


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This year The Weeknd surprised everyone by wearing the watch on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival Limelight Gala High Jewelry by Piaget wearing a custom-made tuxedo from Loewe.

The watch features a snow pave dial set with 289 brilliant-cut diamonds, and an 18k white gold bracelet set with 276 brilliant-cut diamonds and 124 yellow sapphires.