Jay-Z stands at the pinnacle of the pantheon of modern pop culture. Achieving significant milestones as an artist, producer and entrepreneur, he has reached such stature that he is no longer required to produce music or host Super Bowl halftime shows, but continues to do so. His importance lies in the fact that his every action has the potential to generate significant impacts, including how he decides to collect watches.

We certainly didn't miss it Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon Haut Artisanat Ref. 6002R-001 he wore during LeBron James' themed birthday party at "Studio 84", together with his wife Beyoncé.

The Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon Haut Artisanat Ref. 6002R-001

Launched in 2001, the Ref. 5002 Sky Moon Tourbillon remains Patek Philippe's second most complicated wristwatch and one of their grand complications most admired by collectors.

From 2013 to 2016, two additional versions were created: one with a white gold case and blue enamel dial (6002G-001) and another with a white gold case and black enamel dial (6002G-010). In the latest variant of this watch, the one worn by Jay-Z, with a double dial, the warm shades of rose gold are combined with a grand feu brown enamel.

The periphery of the dial, the moon phase aperture and the moon of the rotating disc are executed in champlevé enamel. With this technique, the gold dial is hand-carved following the chosen contours, then the cavities are manually filled with enamel compound. Between layers, the dial is fired at an extremely high temperature of 850°C. The center of the dial features a grand feu cloisonné enamel decoration created with the help of thin flat gold threads.

The 44mm x 17,35mm case, crowns, repeater lever and foldaway clasp are hand-engraved with a pattern of scrolls and arabesques on all sides. More than 100 hours of work are required to complete this process.

The Sky Moon Tourbillon combines 12 complications, including a tourbillon and a minute repeater that chimes on cathedral gongs. On the front dial we find a perpetual calendar with retrograde date, a moon phase display and the leap year cycle.

On the other hand, we have an astonishing celestial map: three overlapping disks move in different precisely calculated trajectories to recreate the apparent motion of the moon and stars as they can be seen from the Northern Hemisphere.

Consisting of 705 parts, the manually wound caliber R TO 27 QR SID LUCL beats at a frequency of 3 Hz (21.600 vibrations per hour) with a power reserve of 38 to 48 hours.