Last October, Hodinkee began a trilogy of exclusive collaborations with G-Shock, involving partners selected by musician and major collector John Mayer. The first chapter brought together three of the most influential forces in the world of watchmaking: Mayer, Ed Sheeran and Hodinkee. The second was created with Online Ceramics. Now, Mayer has unveiled his third and final collaboration, taking aim directly at the most avid watch enthusiasts: Hodinkee founder Ben Clymer.

The project's latest watch not only commemorates a moment of full circle for the founder and the brand, but is also the first watch to bear the Clymer name.

Modeled after the G-SHOCK emblem, the DW-5600 features a resin case dipped in Hodinkee's signature shade of gray. Adding a touch of color blocking, the watch strap is offered in a dark grey, while the loop is olive green to mirror the dial.

Instead of the CASIO logo that usually appears at the top of the dial, the letters “NYC TYO ATL“. The three initials symbolize the companies' three headquarters: NYC and ATL refer to Hodinkee's offices in New York and Atlanta, while TYO represents G-SHOCK's headquarters in Tokyo.

On the case back of the watch, “BEN CLYMER” and “HODINKEE” are engraved, along with a thank you note and the Latin phrase “Esse Quam Videri,” which translates to “To be, rather than to seem.”

The price of the limited edition G-SHOCK Ref. 5600 By Ben Clymer is 185 UDS and is available atHodinkee Shop. With every purchase, US$5 will be donated to support the Horological Society of New York.