OMEGA creates the Laboratoire de Précision, a significant innovation in the field of watchmaking precision. For over fifty years, the COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres) has represented the main certification body for Swiss mechanical movements, awarding the prestigious title of "certified chronometer".

However, with the approval of the SAS (Swiss Accreditation Service), the Precision Laboratory stands as an independent alternative to COSC, offering innovative precision tests.

Despite initial support from OMEGA, the Precision Laboratory is now completely neutral and independent, offering chronometric testing to all brands and movement manufacturers.

The neutrality and integrity of the Laboratoire de Précision are guaranteed by its certification as “Testing laboratory compliant with ISO/IEC17025:2017 standard” by the Swiss Accreditation Service. This assures customers that the tests conducted by the Laboratoire de Précision are reliable, independent and impartial, in line with international standards.

In addition to standard equipment, Laboratoire de Précision has developed in-house technologies that enable precise measurements under variable conditions such as position and temperature. This approach allows for extremely comprehensive and continuous testing over the entire 15-day duration, exceeding current industry standards.

For OMEGA, the Laboratoire de Précision represents an important step forward in precision testing, as demonstrated by recent advances in the SpirateTM system. This initiative allows OMEGA to better integrate chronometric testing into its supply chain, highlighting the brand's commitment to constantly improving its standards of excellence.

The Laboratoire de Précision will have two locations in Switzerland: one in Bienne and the other in Villeret, constituting a space dedicated to chronometric tests of over 1000 m2.