For the 10th anniversary of the élégante, François – Paul Journe pays homage to his friend Serge Cukrowicz, co – founder of Montres Journe SA and presents the Gino's Dream.

In the world of watchmaking, some names resonate with a particular force. Serge Cukrowicz, known to all as Gino, was one of these names. Born on 20 June 1959 in Antwerp (Belgium), son of Sammy Cukrowicz, a well-known diamond trader, Serge developed a deep passion for watchmaking from a young age thanks to the “Flik Flak” watches that his father used to give him.

In 1987, Gino co-founded Gino Jewelry, ironically naming himself “CET” (Chief Executive Timekeeper). His flamboyant way of dressing, preferring bright colors and eccentric outfits, made him a style icon. With his elegant yellow strap watch and an array of accessories, including his famous diamond earrings, Gino embodied a colorful, lively and passionate approach to life.

But Gino was not just one of those eccentric characters who crowd the social news. He was known for his frankness, his humor and his ability to build genuine relationships with collectors, colleagues and friends. He appreciated independent watchmakers for their ability to innovate, their originality and their creativity, respecting the singular contribution of those artisans who went off the rails.

His meeting with François-Paul Journe at the Basel Fair in the 90s was destined to change the course of his life and the fate of watchmaking. She was unable to buy Journe's first wristwatch, a remontoir d'égalité tourbillon, but she immediately recognized the genius behind the work. This meeting marked the beginning of a friendship and future collaboration.

After the presentation of the Tourbillon Souverain in 1999, Serge joined forces with François-Paul Journe and Philippe Rabin to found Montres Journe SA. His role as a partner was significant in the development and expansion of the brand, which had benefited from his experience, his connections and his ardor. The management strategy of the trio of partners was based on the systematic reinvestment of profits in the company and on decisions taken collectively.

Her relationship with François-Paul Journe was based on mutual trust and unconditional friendship.

In 2024, François-Paul Journe paid homage to his dear friend with the launch of the elegant Gino's Dream. This watch, inspired by Gino's lively temperament, brings with it an aura of color and liveliness. The bezel adorned with baguette-cut stones that reflect the shades of the rainbow and the yellow strap recall Gino's unique style.

The elegant Gino's Dream is more than just a watch; it is a tribute to a man whose fervor left its mark on François-Paul Journe. With this creation, Gino continues to shine in the world of watchmaking, keeping his spirit and passion for the art of time alive.