29 03, 2021

P | People , Watch Talks with Eugenio Amos

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_ETcWnx9Do The good fortune of being able to live and tell our passion for watchmaking, often offers us the opportunity to know and meet people who do not necessarily belong to the world of hands, but who share our passion. A year after our virtual chat we met Eugenio Amos, founder of Autom [...]

28 09, 2020

WatchTalks with Aurel Bacs | On your way with the man who revolutionized the watch market

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On a hot late summer day in Geneva, I had the opportunity to interview one of the most important personalities in the sector, a professional who revolutionized the market of watch collecting and deeply in love with the world of hands. I'm talking about Aurel Bacs - Senior Consultant Phillips in Association with Bacs & Russo. It is with great pleasure pub [...]

10 08, 2020

WatchTalks with Nicola Andreatta, CEO of Roger Dubuis

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It is a pleasure for me to bring to Perpetual Passion the Instagram interview of a few weeks ago with Nicola Andreatta, CEO of Roger Dubuis. Roger Dubuis is an innovative and cutting-edge brand that plays an interesting role within the Richemont group. Enjoy it! ANDREA FRIGERIO Nicola, Roger Dubuis was a pioneer in the world of watchmaking and now he directs his brand. How can you handle u [...]

27 07, 2020

WatchTalks with John Goldberger | The collecting and watchmaking seen by one of the most important collectors in the world

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When I started to get passionate about the world of watchmaking, thirsting for knowledge, I spent most of my time discovering not only references, movements, stories, but also characters related to the fascinating world of hands. Among them, a legendary figure that I have always wanted to meet - whether because of the air of mystery that surrounds him and his deep passion and knowledge - is J [...]

11 05, 2020

Interview with Peter Harrison, CEO of Richard Mille EMEA

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It's a huge pleasure to bring an exclusive interview with Peter Harrison, CEO for the EMEA market of none other than Richard Mille, to the pages of Perpetual Passion! To be precise, Peter is the CEO of Richard Mille EMEA, a joint venture founded in 2006 between Horometrie SA (the company that owns the Richard Mille brand) and Redgrave Luxury Ltd, Peter's company, to distribute RM n watches [...]

1 05, 2020

Intervista a Romain Marietta, Head of Products di Zenith

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Zenith is one of the most innovative haute horlogerie brands in the industry and we at Perpetual Passion had the opportunity to exclusively interview Romain Marietta, Zenith's product manager since 2011. Romain has been working at Zenith since 2006 and has been doing so for 14 years, holding roles of increasing responsibility. He is constantly in contact with Julien [...]

24 02, 2019


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The world of haute horlogerie is somehow connected to that of tailoring. Craftsmanship, savoir faire, nobility and exclusivity of materials, are just some of the elements that these two seemingly distant worlds share.  Luca Rubinacci is the creative director of rubinacci, representative of the third generation of one of the oldest and most famous knows [...]

19 10, 2017

A Gentleman's Watches. Discovering the timepieces of Fabio Attanasio, a lover of savoir-faire

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What has always intrigued me is knowing what leads a person to choose the watch he is wearing, and whether his collection actually reflects his personality, his way of being. For this reason we wanted to interview Fabio Attanasio in the splendid setting of the Park Hyatt Milano, one of the greatest ambassadors of elegance and good taste of the present day, driven by curiosity [...]

1 10, 2017

Passion, knowledge and tradition. A tu per tu with Giorgia Mondani, the most followed watch influencer in the world

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This week's PerpetualPEOPLE has the honour of hosting one of the largest experts in the sector, Giorgia Mondani.  Director of Marketing and Foreign Market at Mondani Editore, she grew up alongside one of the greatest connoisseurs of the Rolex universe, Patek Philippe and beyond, her father Guido Mondani, thanks to whom she cultivated her passion for the world of watchmaking. [...]