Circa Pasquale Rinaldi

Passionate about three hundred and sixty degree watches. Lover of mechanics and style, he is continually searching for the perfect combination of innovative escapements and matching straps. He grew up with one Speedmaster on the wrist, but then lost his mind for Japanese watchmaking. She studies and informs herself about everything that revolves around the world of hands.
1 12, 2021

OMEGA Speedmaster | Guide to the best aftermarket bracelets

Di |2021-12-01T15:12:05+01:00December 1st, 2021|

THE OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch it is one of those watches that owes a lot to the world of straps because Omega has always offered the possibility of configuring your own watch. The vintage bracelet craze for the Moonwatch was born with the "re-discovery" of this chronograph which only in the last few years seems to have been recognized by collectors and enthusiasts. If we think about the history of this [...]

15 11, 2021

Introducing | The new Baltic MR01 Microrotor

Di |2021-11-15T14:51:24+01:00November 15th, 2021|

Surely in the panorama of mechanical watchmaking, the micro-rotor is one of those peculiarities that can strike many fans. And from this concept Baltic wanted to develop the MR01 focusing on creating an exclusive product not only for quantity, but also for technical specifications. Baltic, for those unfamiliar with it, is a brand born a few years ago and which in a short time [...]

27 09, 2021

Introducing | SEIKO Prospex 'Alpinist' SPB209J1

Di |2021-09-27T14:11:20+01:00September 27th, 2021|

The Alpinist line, for a Seiko enthusiast, means a lot in two main aspects: the first is that this is the longest-lived family in the Seiko catalog and the second reason is the tool-watch philosophy that makes all Alpinist models unique. In this article, I want to describe the first reference of the line, a model that was extremely important for what will be the subsequent development [...]

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