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EDITOR | A tireless collector of vintage watches from all eras and founder of various groups of watchmaking enthusiasts, he has been collecting vintage watches since he was 14. In his life he deals with the financial management of foreign companies.
24 05, 2021

Watch Shopping | Discovering the historic Watch Center store in Lugano

Di |2021-06-23T12:16:04+01:00May 24th, 2021|

When I have free time, those who know me know that I am often looking for new watches - especially vintage - among markets and shops scattered throughout Italy and beyond. With this article I want to take you to Swiss soil, more precisely to Lugano, in a historical exercise in the Ticino area: I'm talking about Watch Center. In this shop I have always found, in addition to [...]

8 03, 2021

WatchTalks with Angelo Gallamini, The vintage's Hunter 

Di |2022-10-25T10:51:42+01:00March 8th, 2021|

There are people I would talk to for hours, not just about watches. Characters whose uniqueness shines through in everything they put their hand to. Angelo Gallamini is one of them. In addition to his passion for watches, Angelo is a 360 ° vintage hunter, a scholar and researcher of particularities, in all the aspects that this word can represent. Nothing for him is left to chance, you study [...]

8 11, 2020

Timeline | MOVADO, history of a gentlemen's movement

Di |2020-11-09T01:38:27+01:00November 8th, 2020|

At the end of the 800th century, in the heart of the Swiss Jura, six craftsmen and a 19-year-old named Achille Ditesheim created what would become one of the most elegant watchmaking workshops in the world. Movado means "always on the move", in the language "Esperanto", and it is precisely in this respect that the maison has always distinguished itself in the twentieth century. The six original artisans, in fifteen years [...]

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