20 06, 2021

Interview | At the start of the 1000 Miglia with Karl-Friedrich Scheufele and Jacky Ickx

Di |2021-06-23T12:13:42+01:00June 20th, 2021|

Few events in the world can make the hearts of classic car enthusiasts beat so fast as the legendary 1000 Miglia. Born in 1927, this world-famous automotive event unfolds on an urban "circuit" of 1.618 km (the equivalent of 1.005 Roman miles) starting from Brescia and arriving in the city itself. After abandoning its original format of ga [...]

8 03, 2021

WatchTalks with Angelo Gallamini, The vintage's Hunter 

Di |2022-10-25T10:51:42+01:00March 8th, 2021|

There are people I would talk to for hours, not just about watches. Characters whose uniqueness shines through in everything they put their hand to. Angelo Gallamini is one of them. In addition to his passion for watches, Angelo is a 360 ° vintage hunter, a scholar and researcher of particularities, in all the aspects that this word can represent. Nothing for him is left to chance, you study [...]

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